Vision Centric, Inc.'s vision to deliver "Total Customer Satisfaction" and our mission to "Always Accomplish the Mission" are reflected in our customer testimonials like the ones below.

    "I would like to commend you ...   Your experience, attention to detail, quick response to tasking, and enthusiasm will be missed. Your contributions have demonstrated exceptional expertise in the technical support of the Test Exerciser (TEx) software development, accreditation, and GMD modeling and simulation activities."


   Program Manager,

    Ground-Based Fire Control/Communications,

    Ground-Based Midcourse Defense,

    Missile Defense Agency

        "I would like to commend you for the great effort you have put forth in supporting the Insensitive Munitions Rocket Pod Container (IM RPC) Project ... you have shown hard work and determination and have responded to all project requests in a timely manner. You have used professional expertise which has been invaluable in implementing the Initial Phase of the IM RPC Project. ... Further, your dedication and support is an indication fo the capable personnelthat Vision Centric, Inc. employs."



        Propulsion and Structures Directorate,

        Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center