Advanced Hypersonic Weapon Technology Demonstrator

VCI provides programmatic and technical support to include:  planning, programming, budgeting, execution, scheduling, reviewing, and analyzing of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon Technology Demonstrator (AHWTD) program, policies, and business/workforce processes. We are also responsible for assisting in the development of program strategic plans and decision/program risk analysis. The engineering and technical support we provide to the includes:  providing systems integration, engineering and analysis support to perform systems analysis, systems integration analysis, and technical analysis of advanced technologies. We also assist in the collection, review, and analysis of schedule data to include resource planning and execution of program schedules.

Contract Administration Support

VCI provides expert support on a full range of contracting actions throughout the contract lifecycle.  We assist with solicitation, evaluation, analyzing, advising, and contract close out. We also conduct research, analysis, and reviews of all applicable policies, guidance, and regulations to support the customer's and the Government Contracting Officer's decision-making.  Our staff has the expertise to advise the acquisition team as needed on price, cost, and/or financial related matters throughout the development of sourcing strategies and the solicitation, evaluation, negotiation, and award of contractual actions.

Other Supported Activities

Advanced Enabling Lethality Technology Support


Management Support

Administrative Support

T/CELL Activities

Threats, Technology, and Future Requirements Activities

Ground-Based Fire Control and Communication (GFC/C) Activities

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Test and Evaluation Support

Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT)

Hyper Velocity Projectile Development (Guided and Unguided)

Ground-Based Fire Control and Communication (GFC/C) Activities

Interior Design

Electromagnetic Gun Projectile Development (Guided and Unguided)